Issues & Priorities

Our community is made up of predominantly hardworking people of color who are doing their best to raise their families and pursue opportunities. Many of them face challenges- whether it is affording rent, getting a quality education or childcare for their children, addressing medical needs, or getting a decent paying job.

Growing up with a single parent, I experienced economic instability- like housing and food insecurity- first hand. I have dedicated my life to public service because I don’t want anyone to struggle to meet their basic needs. Instead, I want people to have opportunities to thrive.

Economic Empowerment

My focus will be on creating and supporting policies that drive economic stability and growth, particularly for low-income families and small businesses. This includes advocating for programs that provide safety net resources, financial coaching, expand access to capital, and support local entrepreneurs. My aim is to ensure that economic growth in our state is inclusive and benefits all Californians, particularly those who have been historically underserved.

Housing Justice

My goal is to make substantial strides in addressing California’s housing crisis. This includes passing legislation to increase affordable housing stock for first-time homeowners, renters, working families, and seniors. I will work tirelessly to ensure that more Californians have access to affordable, quality housing, and to prevent displacement of our vulnerable communities.

Environmental Equity

I am committed to advancing environmental justice, particularly for communities disproportionately affected by pollution and climate change. I plan to spearhead initiatives to reduce air pollution, clean up toxic sites, and expand green spaces, especially in urban areas. These efforts will be coupled with educational programs and resources to help communities adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.